Responding to #SydneySiege


A lot of us were glued to our TV’s yesterday during the now infamous siege in Sydney’s CBD. This morning most of us woke to the news that the siege was over, three people including the gunman, lost their lives. It’s a particularly unnerving experience, even from a distance, because not only do we empathise with the hostages and families but we also become aware of our own vulnerability. What happened in Sydney could have easily happened anywhere else.

From this distance there are a number of things that we at SLE Church should do.

We should be praying now for the grieving family and friends of the two hostages who lost their lives. Praying that peace and comfort will be received in this time of mourning, and praying that the loss of life will compel them towards the One who gave His life that we might live forever more.

We should respond with love towards our enemies, praying for them. (Matthew 5:43-45)

We should respond with love towards our neighbours – including Muslims who may be caught up in backlash over ‘one of their community’. (I use the phrase loosely). (Galatians 5:14)

We should humbly remember our own mortality and judgement. (Ecclesiastes 3:2a; Hebrews 9:27)

We should rejoice that the birth of Christ signals salvation and the end of death. (Luke 2:30; 1 Corinthians 15:22)

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