SLE Church Camp 2019

Welcome to SLE CHURCH CAMP 2019! If this is your first time, fear not! Church camps are unique opportunities that we have to sit together as a body of Christ under God's word away from all the distractions. We hope that you are as excited as we are for this year's camp! We will have sermons, small group discussions and game activities throughout the camp that would bring us closer together as a church, it would be an opportunity you would not want to miss!

The theme for church camp this year is: IDENTITY.
We tend to indulge our identity in many things, be it school, work, sports or others. But as Christians, what does it mean to find our Identity in Christ? Church Camp is going to be a great time of fellowship with one another and spurring each other

We will commence camp with the first session at 7:30pm on Friday night (4 Oct). Please aim to reach camp before 7pm to allow time to check in, and ensure you let a committee member know if if you will be reaching camp later than 9pm.

If you are coming Saturday morning (5 Oct), arrive before 7:30am to join us for breakfast.

A few things to take note of:

  1. Dinner WILL NOT be provided on the first night, so please settle your own dinner before coming to camp! Except for young children/those with special dietary needs, the campsite does not allow takeaway or pre-prepared foods to be brought or consumed on site.
  2. Review the Camp Information Sheet before you go.

DATES: 4 OCT 2019 (FRIDAY) - 7 OCT 2019 (MONDAY)

LOCATION: QCCC Tamborine, Tamborine Mountain

SPEAKER: Andrew Reid, Principal of ETCAsia

Registrations now closed.