We give financially to support the work of spreading the Gospel throughout the world.

What do you guys think about financial giving?

We don’t bring it up much because we don’t want money to seem to be a big emphasis of our church. And that’s true. We’re not on about raising heaps of funds to want to be a rich church. We’re not on about asking you to give so that God will in turn give you back.

Money doesn’t drive us, but money allows us to gather as a church, to grow as a church and to grow the church around the world.

Where does the money go?

The money goes to support the gospel workers of SLE Church. It pays for the training of ministry trainees and bible college students. It allows us to meet together in a building like this. It allows us to support missionaries who can serve faithfully and be able to live.

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Can I give electronically?

Yes, you can. Here are the account details for giving:

A/C name: SLE Church
Bank: National Australia Bank
BSB: 084-424
A/C number: 396558544
Reference: Offering


Budget Summary

We welcome members of our church to request for a copy of each year’s budget summary

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