Becoming God’s True Woman – Part 3

How can women be of equal worth to men while being submissive to them at the same time? 

If God’s design is for women to submit to men, does that mean that female pastors are rejecting his design?

Are you supposed to submit to a husband who isn’t fulfilling his role as a leader?

At our last Bloom session for the year, we will gather to hear answers to your questions about God’s design for woman.  The afternoon will include a Q&A session with a panel of speakers, book reviews from women who took the effort to do more reading after our last session, and testimonies from women who will share their journey in discovering and living out God’s design for women. 

Steven Furtick once said, “God’s word is like a can of paint….its value is in the application.” 

We’ve spent the last two sessions hearing and understanding what God’s Word says about his design for women.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with other women to wrestle and think through how we can live out God’s design practically and wholeheartedly in every aspect of our lives!

Saturday, 20 October 2018
1:30 - 4pm, including afternoon tea
North Hall, SLE Church

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