The Gospel is …

Pastor Ben Ho
18 February 2018
Romans 1:1-17

The Bad News of the Good News

Pastor Steven Tran
25 February 2018
Romans 1:18-3:20

The Righteousness of God Revealed

Pastor Ben Ho
4 March 2018
Romans 3:21-4:25

Justification Joys

Pastor Ben Ho
11 March 2018
Romans 5:1-21

Life in Christ

Pastor Steven Tran
18 March 2018
Romans 6:1-23

Union with Christ means death to your old self, and new life with Him as your Master. So live who you are now in Jesus, not who you were before.

Freedom From The Law

Pastor Steven Tran
25 March 2018
Romans 7:1-25

Life in the Spirit – Part 1

Pastor Ben Ho
01 April 2018
Romans 8:1-17

In Christ, we have new life in the Spirit. Life in the Spirit is a transformed life with power to overcome sin, with the great assurance of knowing that we are children of God.

Life in the Spirit – Part 2

Pastor Ben Ho
08 April 2018
Romans 8:16-39

As children of God in the Spirit, Christians look forward to future glory with supreme assurance even as we suffer in the present.

Can We Trust God to Keep His Promise?

Gabriel Tan
06 May 2018
Romans 9:1-29

Romans tells us the amazing good news that it’s by faith alone in Jesus Christ that our sins are forgiven, not our works! But can we trust God to keep his promise to save us? That’s the question Paul is answering in Romans 9. Paul answers by showing that God’s track record in saving people throughout history is consistent — He elects or chooses who to have mercy on.

The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

Pastor Steven Tran
13 May 2018
Romans 9:30-10:21

All Glory to the Merciful and Wise God!

Pastor Ben Ho
20 May 2018
Romans 11:1-36

Living Sacrifices

Pastor Steven Tran
27 May 2018
Romans 12:1-21

Obeying Authorities & Love

Pastor Steven Tran
03 June 2018
Romans 13:1-14

Church Worship: Welcome and Serve

Pastor Ben Ho
10 June 2018
Romans 14:1—15:13

Gospel Ministry and Partnership

Pastor Ben Ho
17 June 2018
Romans 14:1—15:13

As Paul finishes this epic letter, he explains his unique God given role as a gospel minister to the Gentiles. He urges the Roman Christians to enter into gospel partnership with him and greets many who already have. he finished with a doxology of praise to the God of the gospel. Reading this passage today, we are given a wonderful picture of gospel ministry and partnership to follow and aspire to.

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